Shabbir Mellick has been working as a Pharmacist since 2012 and has a keen interest in mental health. As a pharmacist he advices the public about medicine and other health issues such as depression, addiction etc. He has undertaken to put some of his methods learnt in enjoyable books and journals to help tackle mental health. Having experienced the positive benefits of gratitude in his life, it seemed a natural fit to share this with others. Always on a path to help others first and foremost, Fitrah designs was formed, and we have been helping people ever since.

After going through a few personal issues he has become extremely passionate about incorporating gratitude and other techniques into both his professional and his family life. Over the past year he has been working with charities such as Penny Appeal and Mind to raise awareness and help tackle mental health issues. Along with this he has been delivering talks in schools as a volunteer, teaching children how gratitude and mindfulness can empower them and support them to flourish.

Working as a pharmacist has allowed him to have a broad understanding of patient behaviour believing that knowledge, mindfulness, gratitude and support systems are the back bone of good health, He is also a strong and passionate advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Fitrah designs was set up to produce a collection of easy to read self-help books about mental health. Fitrah designs are trying to aid and provide solutions for mental health by creative innovative approaches to tackle mental health and support wellbeing. Fitrah Designs/Shabbir were finalists for 2 pharmacy Chemist and Druggist awards 2018.

1)  Above and Beyond - This unique award – created especially for 2018 – is a chance to celebrate the individual stories of pharmacists and pharmacy staff going ‘above and beyond’ for their patients, their team, and for the sector.

2) ONLINE INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR - Website and products created to help the community (Mental health campaign).

Below are the companies he has collaborated with as a volunteer to promote mental health and well-being:

Share it: is a registered charity in
England (no. 219830) and a registered
company (no. 424348) in England and

They work to make sure nobody
has to face a mental health problem
Penny Appeal was set up in 2009 to provide poverty relief across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa by offering water solutions, organising mass feedings, supporting orphan care and providing emergency food and medical aid. Since then we have transformed lives and empowered communities around the world, helping to break the poverty cycle and build brighter futures. ​
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